26 April 2009

First One!

I have to warn you...I'm not very good at this! I am starting this blog so that all of my friends and family can follow my internship in London. I haven't left yet...I don't leave until June 6, but I thought I could share what is going on with my trip so far.

As of right now, I have not received my placement. International Programs predicts that a lot of our placements should be coming in this week though! I'm hoping to work in human resources in a larger company, so fingers crossed. I hope that my placement comes this week because I want to finish buying clothes for my trip. I kind of need to know where I will be working before I can.

I am still working on financing my trip. Hint, hint! Financial aid and alternative loans can be so confusing, but I think I finally have everything figured out. The people in the financial aid office are so patient. I've only called them a few times, but each time I was freaking out and they were very helpful!

I had my departure workshop today which means I am that much closer to going on my trip. The next step is to attend a biometrics appointment in Milwaukee on May 5. I'm not sure what happens at a biometrics appointment. All I know is that I have to go in order to get my visa to study abroad, so that is enough for me. Kind of inconvenient though...I have to skip all my classes and miss work to go.

I am starting to get really excited now that everything is starting to fall into place. I'm sure that as the actual departure day gets closer I will be FREAKING out! Besides, I need to make it through the rest of the school year before I can truly start thinking about getting ready for my trip. I've still got tons of stuff due before I'm done...and then I graduate on MAY 16!!! I can't wait.